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The First All Encompassing

Customer Engagement PLATFORM In Fintech

We help businesses and individuals engage with each other to make complex decisions, analyze business problems, and make optimal choices.  Our proprietary intelligent decision engine fuses machine learning, big data and predictive analytics to deliver optimal choices, recommendations, insights and much more. Address your customer engagement challenge through data analytics, education, and a solution provider marketplace. 


The heart of our platform, DecisionHawk uses machine learning, big data and predictive analytics to provide users with optimal choices, comparison analysis, recommendations, education and training, and insight as a service.

Deliver Evidence Based Solutions

Our platform analyzes inputs and recommends the best solutions, and organizes the key criteria that are needed to best handle complex situations.

Fully Customizible

A white-labeled product. You can define your problem, review recommendations and solutions and make intelligent decisions. Customize visual branding and colors.


Works alongside businesses and professionals to deliver a contextual customized solution to meet their specific challenges.


With our all-in-one platform, you now have an easy to implement solution that addresses many business growth and engagement problems.

Build Partnerships

DecisionHawk allows you to make  problem solving recommendations  and referrals to external providers and products.

The premier intelligent decision analytics platform

We understand your business and challenges, and provide the tools to succeed. Licensed directly to banks, financial advisors, and insurance companies, our platform is re-branded and used as a Customer Q&A / Customer Engagement Platform within your website.


Retain your branding.

Seamlessly integrate into your website and other platforms.


Uses machine learning, big data, and predictive analytics to source recommendations, education and communications.

Results are unique to each inquiry.

Removes human bias.

Not opinion, it's based on data.


Scales from small business to large.

Adapts to type of business.

Generate Leads. Sell More Products.

DecisionHawk is a single source customer engagement platform that solves many customer acquisition challenges.

Engage Customers

End subjective information overload, by delivering intelligent 'Evidence Based' Information. Make the decision process simple and direct.

Build Client Trust

Present unbiased, personalized solutions to simple and complex questions: Do I need a CFO or a Bookkeeper? Is my business insured or underinsured?

Acquire Prospects

Turn visitors into customers. DecisionHawk is a qualified lead generation platform for small businesses and large financial companies and solution providers.

Promote Solutions

Our platform will make recommendations based on your clients' needs. Clients will see answers, product recommendations, and solution providers.

Outshine Competition

Our customer focused approach seeks to improve the customer journey through intelligent engagement supported by data and analytics.

Solve Business Growth & Customer engagement challenges

With the only all-in-one Customer Engagement, Q&A, Predictive Analysis, Financial Technology, and On-Demand Staffing platform.