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Customer Engagement Software

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DecisionHawk's experts will analyze your business model and create a custom solution for your industry. This ensures an extremely targeted, high level of predictive accuracy and education for any type of business.

DecisionHawk is especially useful for these business models:

Human Resources Customer Engagement

Human Resources

Where it addresses questions around business compliance, hiring and firing, contract and employee questions.

Customer Engagement Marketing Agency

Sales & Marketing

Where it addressed questions around marketing mix, spend on marketing, sales strategies.

Customer Engagement Strategy


Where it addresses questions around collaboration, competition, M&A, buy & sell.

Customer Engagement Legal Firm


Where where addresses questions around business formation, outside/inside counsel and more.

Customer Engagement Software


By 2020, customer engagement will overtake price and product as the key differentiator.

Our engagement platform enables customers to find the critical information they need for their business or personal goals. It educates them on the best solutions, and takes the subjective nature of human bias out of the decision making process.

Bridge the Gap between Customers and Products

The DecisionHawk Intelligent platform removes the guesswork, guiding any type of businesss towards the most effective personalized communications and solutions, ultimately maximizing customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Customer Reviews


“I love the conceptual idea of the platform and the service it provides. You are definitely on track regarding meeting business needs as companies are growing.”

BECCA COLLINS, VP of Strategy & Transformation