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Customer Engagement Solutions for Insurance Companies

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Customer Engagement As a Business Strategy Has Never Been More Important

Making decisions about choosing the best insurance product is extremely stressful. In the past, insurance shoppers have been overwhelmed with too much information, and too many choices. As customers come to expect increasingly personalized, on-demand service, insurers must evolve to meet their expectations.

Insurance clients and prospects have many questions. It is critical to give them unbiased, accurate information, to ease the decision-making process.

Customer Engagement Solutions Insurance Companies


71% of people are willing to purchase insurance online.

Happy Customers Are At The Heart of Every Successful Business

Using a data-driven platform provides value to customers through intelligent Q & A, insurance companies maximize customer lifetime value, and decrease marketing spend.



Every insurance shopper has different criteria and concerns. By leveraging intelligent #insurtech, you greatly improve your odds for a successful solution and remove the subjectivity your customer faces.



One way insurance companies are tackling the challenge of customer engagement head on is by delivering a personalized experience right on their website. So when they are going through a critical journey like making a decision about choosing the right type of insurance, they can be provided with the right information and tools at the right time to take action and get on with their day.



Used as a qualified lead generation tool or to educate existing customers, DecisionHawk's powerful machine-learning decision engine guides every insurance shopper to make the best decision.

Bridge the Gap between Customers and Products

The DecisionHawk Intelligent platform removes the guesswork, guiding insurance companies towards the most effective personalized communications and solutions, ultimately maximizing customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Customer Reviews


“I love the conceptual idea of the platform and the service it provides. You are definitely on track regarding meeting business needs as companies are growing.”

BECCA COLLINS, VP of Strategy & Transformation