Bringing Decision Analytics To The Masses


One of the key factors to achieving success in business is the ability to make the right decisions. Whether you are challenged with framing the right question, too much information or a lack of information, we are the right partner for your business.

Using DecisionHawk is like having your trusted circle of people, an intelligent solution customized to your context, your perspective, your need. The advantages that governments and large organizations have had by having armies of people and information assets working for them is finally available to you.


DecisionHawk’s mission is to help businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals make complex decisions, analyze business problems, and make optimal choices. By combining our contextual approach with education, collaboration and analytics we are able to provide insights and solutions that help users succeed while reducing risk. From finance, to marketing, to HR, to technology, DecisionHawk exponentially improves outcomes.


After ten years of ideating and building businesses, working with entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners in varying industries and stages of growth, one of the key challenges everyone faces is the ability to make the best possible decision resulting in an optimal outcome. Typical tools in the toolbox include: analytics, mentors, experience, and advice to name a few.

However, not every situation presents the luxury of information, counsel and/or time. In addition, every decision or outcome results in introspection, analysis and emotions. Every result is always accompanied by “if I knew then what I know now”.

As the global and local economy continues to evolve the number of folks joining the decision maker ranks are growing. In addition, traditional business models continue to be disrupted forcing the way established businesses and professionals think, evaluate and act.

DecisionHawk is the solution that addresses the Decision Analytics needs, in a modern flexible platform.


  • Understands the challenges faced.

  • Organizes the key criteria that are needed to best handle complex situations.

  • Educates the stakeholders.

  • Presents alternate and relevant traditional solutions.

  • Recommends the best options.

  • Becomes intelligent and predicts the best path forward.

  • Analyses your inputs and puts you in the best position to succeed.

  • And can work alongside businesses and professionals that works to deliver a contextual customized solution to meet their specific challenges.

Solve Business Growth & Customer engagement challenges

With the only all in one Customer Engagement, Q&A, Predictive Analysis, Financial Technology, and On-Demand Staffing platform.