Digitization: Boosting Customer Engagement In The Insurance Industry

Insurance salesmen are finding it increasingly difficult to secure the trust of the modern customer. One of the main reasons is that more often than not, the only times they encounter insurers is when they have a problem or a negative experience. This is one sector where improving the customer experience is crucial.

Digital technology has been successfully used to address the most pressing needs of today’s consumers, such as seamless claims processes and 24/7 support. More importantly, these innovations are helping to change how customers look at insurance and enabling them to do much more than they used to.

The Digitization Of Insurance

Consumers continue to expect higher and higher standards of service, demanding immediate solutions to their questions and personalized offers. One proven way modern insurance companies make customers feel in control while minimizing costs is to offer a virtual assistant service that will answer majority of non-claims customer contacts, such as initial quotes and scheduling needed repairs.

Another effective method that insurers can use to gain customer trust is to provide transparent, intelligent, and real-time recommendations and insights when customers have small business-related financial issues.

It is getting increasingly difficult for business owners to find the time to do comprehensive research and figure out the best decision or path to take. When they do have the time, the sheer number of free information and contradicting advice from different sources can be overwhelming. Providing a customizable decision analytics platform that will deliver optimal choices and recommendations that will solve business challenges will set any insurance company apart from the competition.

Shift Focus From eCommerce To Customer Relationships

The present-day focus of most insurance companies is on promoting their products and services, failing to acknowledge that their outdated legacy systems, lack of customer education, and aversion to updating and/or upgrading are some of the main reasons why progress has been slow.

Insurance companies making the shift to digital are taking advantage of a fantastic opportunity to win over customers that are on the fence or are in need of unbiased recommendations and choices. Those who have experienced a drop in customer engagement and loyalty are in a particularly good position to benefit from digitization.


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