Maximize The Value of Every Website Visitor

Fintech Customer Engagement Solutions

Generate Qualified Leads. Amplify Revenue.

Help Customers Make The Best financial Decisions

In our modern world, if you are not providing your online visitors with the information they need, when they need it, you will get left behind. Winning banks and financial professional's will meet, or exceed, customers’ expectations. They will consistently deliver regardless of which interaction channel the customer chooses.

Banks, Lenders, Accounting Firms, Audit Organizations, and Financial Services Companies Increase Revenue by Improving The Online Experience for Customers and Visitors

Fintech Customer Engagement Solutions


Customers who are engaged bring 37% more annual revenue to their primary bank than customers who are actively disengaged.

It's All About The Customer

End subjective and biased financial product recommendations, and create data driven interactions to boost customer engagement and lifetime value:



Every customer’s financial needs are different, dynamic and multi-faceted. That's why our platform asks your client many questions to gain insight into your customers' needs and wants and helps to predict the best possible solutions.



Your customer does not only want answers to their questions, they want to know why a solution or product is the best choice for them. Our platform is designed to not only recommend solutions, but also serves as a tool to educate.



Providing value to customers through intelligent, data-driven solutions is a strategic growth rocket, maximizing customer lifetime value. Easily acquire new customers when visitors interact while searching for answers to difficult questions.

Bridge the Gap between Customers and Products

The DecisionHawk Intelligent platform removes the guesswork, guiding bankers and finance professional's towards the most effective personalized communications and solutions, ultimately maximizing customer lifetime value.

Customer Reviews


“I love the conceptual idea of the platform and the service it provides. You are definitely on track regarding meeting business needs as companies are growing.”

BECCA COLLINS, VP of Strategy & Transformation