Are You Managing Your Business Strategically or Reactively

Reactive Decisioning

Do you start another week at the helm of your business set with intentions on contributing to sales and marketing growth?  But you are only to be bogged down by that urgent email that reaches you at 9am that consumes your entire morning?  Your golden hours of productivity just got zapped by reacting to the crisis at hand.  Your growth contributions get put to the side for the next day.  Decision making now becomes focused on the immediacy at hand.

The time you carved out for reviewing financials becomes consumed with the details of collecting the right data versus analyzing data and reports that drive your business forward.  Why is this payment late?  Did we prepare that invoice correctly?  Why is this tax payment due?  Sound familiar?


Seems like any top performing organization in the world: the US Marines Force Reconnaissance, the New England Patriots, or Amazon and think what they have in common – TEAM.  They are considered world class Teams.  Highly efficient Teams have many unique characteristics.  One of which includes delegation.  Using delegation, decision making can be sub-tasked to others in order to make the best decision with the best resource at the exact time.  Since we are fresh off Super Bowl electricity lets go with that… Delegation creates delineation of duties so that the offensive line can defend the quarterback, the receiver can make himself open, and Tom Brady can make the game winning pass.

Unfortunately, many business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives find themselves scratching their heads since the business game doesn’t seem to have the same playbook.  There are defined roles however, various forces constantly pull one off track in any given day, quarter, or year and decision making is stifled.

Change the Game

In conclusion, if you know what the right playbook is for your business why not change the game and play it the way that will drive you to growth and success?  Enable strategic decision making by resisting the outside forces that make you reactive and make 2017 your winning Super Bowl year.


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